The Preconditions of Happiness

The Preconditions of Happiness

The body feels comfortable due to the joy of getting enough food, warmth and exercises. The mood is delightful if the person welcomes challenges and experiences. The spirit is high when we enjoy novelties and expressing creativity. To Conrad Ho, these are the preconditions of happiness.

Quite some people define “enough exercises” as having the capacity of walking and running with all four limbs in working conditions. To me, it also means vigorous motor function in good conditions.

Some people prefer staying at home doing nothing in particular; when they do leave their homes, they would easily get tired. Others are willing to be more active, but easily get bruises, sprains and scratches. For those who work, some are fine in the workplace but would fall ill during holidays.

Moreover, adults and children alike, should their movements be awkward or clumsy, it easily invites despise and mockery, even bully. Such difficulties at school and in the workplace represent hindrance in advancement, which can deteriorate into social incompatibility and eventually withdrawal.

In fact, vigor and good motor function are very beneficial to the quality of life and wellness of the person, though the effects may not be direct and real-time, so that it can be readily ignored.

In the “Motor Balances of Qinesiology” designed by Conrad, the motor function is conceptualized into five basic elements, namely sitting, standing, walking, running and jumping. A series of practical recommendations and substantive trainings are offered to help the participants do the five basic movements better. Topics include sensing the longitudinal axis of the body, maintaining physical balance, feeling safety, promoting bodily flexibility, etc. All these are to facilitate the participants to actively improve their own quality of life and wellness by themselves.