What is a Private Balancing Sessions?

What is a Private Balancing Sessions?

To the client, each private balancing session is a precious learning experience. The aim is to enable the client to move more easily towards a certain learning objective, or goal. This is achieved by clearing learning blocks/obstacles, so that the brain and the body can operate and co-operate in a more concerted, integrated and efficient way in the context of achieving that goal. “Learning” here is defined broadly, pertaining to all activities in the acquisition, processing, memorization and expression of information and experiences. The brain is always learning to learn; the body, to operate more healthily. In kinesiology, this procedure of facilitating the learning process is called the “balance”.

Primary Features

  • Respect the awareness and choice of the client;
  • Emphasize on what you currently want to get and wish it to be acquired in the future;
  • Offer client’s personalized guidance through dialogues and the techniques of muscle check;
  • Client’s learning process does not occur in the brain only, it is also processed within the body;
  • Use observable changes as indicators.

Balancing Methods

Applying balancing processes of co-created model, educational model and self-responsibility model of kinesiology as the major techniques, and to trigger what have been learnt by the client in order to reach another new level and achieve the stage of balancing.

Methods include: Balancing techniques of Qinesiology®, Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gym®, Touch for Health®, Ming’s Mirror Method, and Qigong movements.

In general, the client will work with the facilitator:

”Switching on” your entire body and mind system

get ready to learn and get prepared to restore balance;

To decide the direction/approach or the theme of each private balancing session

Awareness of the current state/situation

Making adjustments by using various methods of kinesiology

Awareness of any improvements and progress

How Many Private Balancing Sessions do I Need to Do?

Each client can consult with his facilitator to work out his schedule of private balancing sessions based on the (balancing) issues of himself, his children, his seniors, his personal goal, expectation, and time constraint. The number of private balancing sessions depends on the progression and needs of each client; it is up to client’s decision without the pre-requisite of any pre-set number. It is the characteristics of personalized services as well.

How Long is a Session?

For adults and seniors: 1-2 hours per session on average; for babies, children and young persons: 1-1.5 hours per session on average.

Who Should Do Private Balancing Session? What are the Usual Themes?

Babies, children, young persons, adults, and seniors can all benefit from private balancing session. Babies acquire learned experience after birth; examples include breastfeeding, crawling, walking, etc. For children and young persons, they wish to enhance learning ability, improve the behavioural model, and achieve balanced emotion through private balancing session. For some clients, they seek/receive private balancing service in order to “keep” a healthy body, or to enhance learning efficiency. Some persons have already achieved good academic performance, and they wish to have more outstanding academic achievement. For adults, they concern more about their career, relationship with partner, health, emotion and so on. For seniors, their themes mostly relate to health and how to health and how to enjoy life at old age.

You may Choose:

1. In-person Balancing Sessions

“In-person balancing sessions” is carried out when the client and facilitator are in a suitable and comfortable environment. Brain Body Centre Ltd. Hong Kong is equipped with “balancing room” for this purpose. Sound equipment and comfortable environment would facilitate the progression of balancing processes, resulting in having better balancing result.

Fees for In-person Balancing Sessions

  1. Licensed Brain Gym® Instructors/Consultants, Registered Touch for Health® Instructors, Licensed Qinesiology® Instructors and their natural parents, legal spouses and children – HK$2,100 per hour;
  2. For other clients – HK$2,300 per hour.
  3. Pro-rata fees apply if session exceeds one hour.

2. Online Balancing Sessions

“Online balancing sessions” is carried out LIVE between the client and balance facilitator via online meeting software. Join our online LIVE session from any where in the world. No more travelling will be needed. Under the current pandemic situation, it is especially appropriate for people who would like to maintain social distancing.

Fees for Online Balancing Sessions

Same as In-person Balancing Sessions

Private Balancing Sessions with Amy Choi

She is an international kinesiologist with more than 20 years of experience in private sessions and teaching. She is the developer of “Ming’s Mirror Method”, and is an experienced balance facilitator in Brain Gym®/Educational Kinesiology and Touch for Health®. Her style in balancing is known for being highly intuitive, flexible and agile. People of all ages are welcome…

Private Balancing Sessions with Conrad Ho

His mission is to facilitate himself and others (who also choose to do so) to restore, consolidate and improve the state of personal balance so as to better actualize oneself and grow to be the greatest me. Embryos, babies, children, adults and the elderly are all suitable for his private sessions…

Making Your Appointment

Please call or contact staff of Brain Body Centre Ltd., Hong Kong during office hours via WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, etc. Non-refundable deposit of 1-hour session fee is needed when you make the appointment. The deposit will be forfeited if the client forgets the appointment. If the client shows up late, fees may also be charged on a pro-rata basis.