Private Balancing Sessions with Conrad S. C. HO

Conrad Ho, a kinesiologist, has been doing private balancing sessions and teaching workshops internationally since 1999. His style is, on one hand, rigorous and logical as well as sensory and intuitive on the other. In the fields of personal growth and life education, he is an explorer, adventurer, facilitator and coach. His mission is to facilitate himself and others (who also choose to do so) to restore, consolidate and improve the state of personal balance so as to better actualize oneself and grow to be the greatest me. Embryos, babies, children, adults and the elderly are all suitable for his private sessions. Advance bookings from all are welcome.


Balancing Themes

For young and mature adult clients:

  • Stress management, relieving the pressures of daily life, experiencing various tribulations in life with ease;
  • Let stuck emotions flow again;
  • Improve health and enhance vitality;
  • Increase learning ability and boost working performance;
  • Reduce pain and augment comfortable feelings;
  • The health and ease of the mother and the baby;
  • Re-align body posture;
  • Promote harmonious family relationships;
  • Easily move towards the goal and enjoy the process;
  • Nourish the skills of self-noticing and the awareness of the happenings in life;
  • Strengthen immunity before illness and accelerate recovery afterwards;
  • Facilitate physical and mental health;
  • Cultivate intimate relationship, sexual relationship and sexual satisfaction between couples or partners;
  • Explore the optimal goals and directions in life and career;
  • Develop and maintain natural vision;
  • Transcend individual/systematic blocks or stresses in the past to approximate the state of easy learning and living…;
  • Live out the greatest me through changing the lifestyle;
  • Follow the flow to live more in accordance with one’s intention and will;
  • Learn to facilitate the self-healing powers of the body to handle physical injuries and psychological traumas

For elderly clients:

  • Adapt to life after retirement;
  • Establish a reasonable routine in retirement life;
  • Reshape active and healthy lifestyle and attitudes;
  • Choose better ways to enjoy life and operationalize them into specific activities;
  • Promote healthy body and maintain vitality;
  • Protect locomotor abilities and sustain sensory acuity;
  • Feed the abilities of maintaining balance and immunity;
  • Maintain the abilities to think clearly, have good memory and make quick responses;
  • Learn to facilitate the self-healing powers of the body to handle physical injuries and psychological traumas

For children and adolescent clients:

  • Improve learning ability and enhance academic achievements at school;
  • Develop interest in learning and enhance problem-solving ability;
  • Focus attention and willpower;
  • Strengthen social and leadership skills;
  • Improve self-care ability and decisiveness;
  • Handle various developmental issues (non-therapeutic);
  • Discover one’s own talents;
  • Explore the life path ahead.

Balancing Techniques to Be Used

  • Qinesiology® techniques designed by Conrad: Motor Balances, Sensory Balances, Meridian Balances, Perception Balances, Expression Balances, Prosperity Attitude Balances, Self Balances, Fundamental Balances, Core Balances, Mastery Balances , etc.;
  • Touch for Health® 14- and 42-Muscle Balancing, One-point Balance, Past Balancing, Reactive Muscle Reset, Time of the Day Balance, Metaphor Balancing, etc.;
  • Elementary to advanced balancing techniques of Educational Kinesiology: Brain Gym®, Vision Gym, Double Doodle Play, Visioncircles, Optimal Brain Organization, Edu-K In Depth, Movement Re-education, Creative Vision, etc.;
  • Games, role play, music, imagination, ideas, life planning, drawing, sculpture, blocks piling, Qigong movements, Tai Chi movements, photography, singing, playing musical instruments, resonance, etc.

About Mr. Conrad S.C. Ho

  • Author of Qinesiology® Courses
  • Co-founder of Brain Body Centre Ltd. (Hong Kong)
  • Professional Kinesiologist, Professional School (International Kinesiology College “IKC”: Australia)
  • International Faculty (Educational Kinesiology Foundation dba Breakthroughs International “BTi”, U.S.A.)
  • Touch for Health® Instructor’s Trainer (IKC, Australia)
  • Touch for Health® Proficiency Assessor (IKC, Australia)
  • Registered Touch for Health® Synthesis Instructor (IKC, Australia)
  • Registered Touch for Health® Goal Setting and Metaphor Workshop Instructor’s Trainer (IKC, Australia)
  • Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant (BTi, U.S.A.)
  • Licensed Optimal Brain Organization Instructor (BTi, U.S.A.)
  • Licensed Visioncircles™ Instructor (BTi, U.S.A.)
  • Licensed Double Doodles Play Instructor (BTi, U.S.A.)
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner (DeLozier & Associates, U.S.A.)
  • Master of Business Administration (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hon.) (University of Hong Kong)


Conrad Ho, from Hong Kong, China, is a kinesiologist working internationally, an experienced casework consultant and a prolific course author. The extremely popular “Movement-Enhances-Learning Camp®” is one of the examples. Conrad is gentle, sincere, and easy going. He loves playing, likes travelling, gets excited about novel experiences and craves for challenges. Since 1997, he has been spreading and promoting Touch for Health® and Educational Kinesiology, and engaging in the relevant importing, teaching and publishing activities. The courses he has authored have been taught in China, Germany, Japan, the U.S.A. and Indonesia, apart from Hongkong locally. In addition, Conrad has made contributions to the administration of the kinesiology industry, both internationally and locally in the Greater China region. He is one of the international faculty members of Educational Kinesiology Foundation as well as a trainer of the International Kinesiology College.