“We facilitate balance.”

– Amy Choi & Conrad Ho, Co-founders of Brain Body Centre Ltd., centre staff and instructor team

Founded in May 1999 by Amy Choi & Conrad Ho, Brain Body Centre Ltd. has been growing with a mission to facilitate balance in the life of the client through the training services and products we offer.

We recommend programmes such as Qinesiology® developed by Conrad, Ming’s Mirror Kinesiology developed by Amy, Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym®), Touch for Health® and other related work and skills.

Our Centre provides training services to a wide range of clients including corporate training to organizations, public workshops to the society at large, and private sessions to the individuals — all aiming at helping the clients to conceive new ideas, to cultivate wellness and to create success for themselves.

Our Brain Body Shop offers interesting books, tools and games which help clients apply these skills in their daily lives.

We put our attention to work on three areas – first to the “brain” on enhancing learning efficiency; then to the “body” on improving health and wellness; and lastly to the “centre”, to find the centre of gravity on which we set our balance.

Primary Services

Private Sessions

Branding Services

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Corporate Training

Public Workshops

Founders, Principal Trainers and Consultants

Ms Amy Choi Wai Ming

Amy Choi is an international kinesiologist with more than 20 years of experience in private sessions and teaching. She is the developer of “Ming’s Mirror Method”, and is an experienced balance facilitator in Brain Gym®/Educational Kinesiology and Touch for Health®. Her style in balancing is known for being highly intuitive, flexible and agile. People of all ages are welcome.

Mr Conrad Ho Siu Chan

Conrad Ho, a kinesiologist, has been doing private balancing sessions and teaching workshops internationally since 1999. His style is, on one hand, rigorous and logical as well as sensory and intuitive on the other. In the fields of personal growth and life education, he is an explorer, adventurer, facilitator and coach. His mission is to facilitate himself and others (who also choose to do so) to restore, consolidate and improve the state of personal balance so as to better actualize oneself and grow to be the greatest me. Embryos, babies, children, adults and the elderly are all suitable for his private sessions. Advance bookings from all are welcome.