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What is a private sessions?

To the client, each private session is a precious learning experience.  The aim is to enable the client to move more easily towards a certain learning objective, or goal.  This is achieved by clearing learning blocks, so that the brain and the body can operate and co-operate in a more concerted, integrated and efficient way in the context of achieving that goal.  "Learning" here is defined broadly, pertaining to all activities in the acquisition, processing, memorization and expression of information and experiences.  The brain is always learning to learn; the body, to operate more healthily.  In kinesiology, this procedure of facilitating the learning process is called the "balance". 

Primary Feature

The primary feature of our coaching programmes is their tailor-made services for the specific individual to boost awareness and skills not only in the head but also in the muscles.  The coach will count on observable behavioral changes as proof of progress, in addition to verbal or written assertions during interviews or on paper.

The Method

In each session, the coach will do a kinesiology balance with the client.  The techniques employed, nevertheless, are not confined to kinesiology only.  The balancing procedure is flexible enough to incorporate just about whatever techniques the coach find useful in helping the client to achieve what they want.  These techniques may include expressive arts, like drama, music, sculpture (using toy bricks or play dough) and drawing, as well as various physical exercises, qigong movements, spontaneous play, structured games and so on.  A brief description of the balancing procedure is given below:

  1. The client will "witch on their whole body/mind system first, using what the Kinesiologists called the "witching-on exercises?
  2. The client and the coach will decide jointly the theme in each session, which is essentially a goal-setting step.  For details of possible goals and their relationship with each other, see the "Programmes section.
  3. The client and the coach will jointly set up some checks to see what resources the former already has and what call for further improvement. 
  4. The client and the coach will discuss together, engage in some physical movements and/or other activities to adjust the body/mind system.
  5. The client will redo the checks mentioned in step 3 to measure what improvements have been made and what need further improvements.

This procedure allows the client to feel instant progress, which becomes the positive reinforcement to push them for even further progress.

The Duration

There is no definite number of sessions after which you will complete the programme.  It is tailor-made to fit the individual needs of the client, rather than a formularized programme designed to fit all.  Each client has their own set of strengths and weaknesses in different degrees.  They also have their own standards of adequacy given the unique set of issues they are facing and their individual aspirations.  This is exactly the point of a one-on-one programme.

How long is a session?

On average, it is an hour to an hour and a half for adults and seniors.  For babies, children and teenagers, it is usually about an hour.   

Who will come to a private session?  What are the usual themes?

Just anyone who has a brain and a body will benefit from doing a balance!   According to our experience, our children clients most usually came for learning, behavioral or emotional 𢖯roblems"; some for general, long-term 𢘫aintenance" without specific problems; some already in the upper range of academic achievement spectrum for even more ideal results.  For babies and seniors, their common concens were health and emotional.  For adults, career, relationships, health and emotions were their main focus.


Principal Trainers and Consultants (i.e. Amy & Conrad): HK$2,300 for the first hour or less, and on a pro-rata basis for the second hour onwards.  Touch for Health, Brain Gym and Qinesiology Instructors/Consultants may enjoy a discounted rate of HK$2,070/hour for themselves as well as their children, husband/wife, father/mother.

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